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Used Equipment

1. Kenwood USB Programming Cable for NX-*00 Series
2. RF Industries Mini PL (F) to PL (M) - RG58/RG141
3. Whelen HWLRB23K Bracket - Universal Bracket
4. GenComm 110 Volt Rapid Rate Single Unit Charger
5. GenComm 1900 mAh Li-ion Battery - 180 Series

1. Kenwood KBH-12 Spring Action Belt Clip
2. Kenwood TK-3360 UHF Premium Package - 5 Watt
3. Kenwood TK-2312K VHF Compact Package - 5 Watt
4. Kenwood 2000 mAh Li-ion Battery
5. Kenwood Volume Knob for TK-2160/3160

1. Responder HD Series Lightbar Magnetic Mount Amber
2. 600 Series Mounting Kit Converts 64
3. Hide-A-Way 90 Watt Strobe Kit Clear
4. 600 Series Composite Housing Vertical Mounting 4 Lamp
5. 4 Inch Round 2G Series L Bracket Grommet Mount
6. Hide-A-Way 20 Watt Strobe Kit Clear
7. Hide-A-Way 50 Watt Strobe Kit Clear
8. 600 Series Composite Housing Vertical Mounting 3 Lamp 5mm LED Super-LED
9. x
10. 600 Series 5mm LED Brake Tail Turn Lighthead Maximum Populated Exceeds SAE Requirements

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Radio Repair Online Submission

Radio Repair Online Submission

If you have equipment for repair, FCC testing or reprogramming simply fill out the information online and send it in. If you prefer, you can download our Mail In Repair Form.
Please enter each item separately.
Please fill out as much information as possible. If you can't read the serial number, please include as much of the number as possible. If it is not serialized please enter No Serial Number in the box. Make sure to include a copy of this order with your equipment.
Our base diagnostic fee is $35 for most items and will only be charged if you decline a repair/service. If this is a warranty item, we will credit the $35 charge once the warranty claim is confirmed. Shipping will still need to be paid on warranty repairs. If you are sending in equipment/radios for reprogramming you may enter in as many serial numbers as will fit for that model number. Reprogramming fees will be based on the final channel list/configuration needed.  Please submit channel lists with tones and alpha display information to our email address referencing the order number.  Make sure to include your call sign for all reprogramming services.
RETURN SHIPPING - We estimate the return shipping when you check out.  This rate will be updated once we receive in the equipment.  You may select any shipping option that is displayed and we will return your items using that shipping method.

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Part Number: RADIORPR
Manufacturer: GenComm

Our Price: $35.00 each

Usually Ships Within 3-7 Days

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